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# 068 A Simple Way to Wealth with Certified Financial Planner ~ Casey Whitson

January 27, 2022 Casey Whitson chats with co-hosts El Brownell & Dave Koch Season 4 Episode 4
Power Adulting Podcast
# 068 A Simple Way to Wealth with Certified Financial Planner ~ Casey Whitson
Show Notes

Today we’re thrilled to take a complex topic like wealth building and make it so understandable even El's fear, stress, and anxiety disappeared. We are talking with Casey Whitson a certified financial planner who is also a behavior coach because she believes that your mind is the most important tool for investment success.

What you'll learn in this episode is: 

  • How the markets really work.
  • What you get when you buy stocks.
  • The average return over the last 200 years.
  • How you can beat the ravages of high inflation. 
  • Why most investors earn far less than they should.

Don't miss the wealth of insights from these tips, tricks, and tactics.

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