Power Adulting Podcast

#091 The Energy of Reciprocity

March 09, 2023 Co-Hosts El Brownell & Dave Koch chat about the give and take of good friendships. Season 5 Episode 6
Power Adulting Podcast
#091 The Energy of Reciprocity
Show Notes

Recpricol-osity Recipro-lis-ity Recip-ric-ly.  I’m just kidding around, but it actually took me four tries to say that word right. This, though, is one of the greatest relationship tips you’ll probably ever discover. Come along with El & I on a fascinating journey as we chat about the mysterious energy in relationships without reci-procity… plus three good ways to fix it. 

Other topics we touch upon are:

  • The art of humility
  • Growing out of an old YOU
  • And the cleansing power of forgiveness 

Also, make sure you don’t skip the section on how to free yourself from the misery of being STUCK!!!


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