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#81 Supercharge Your Money by Forecasting the Future with Raya Reaves

April 28, 2022 Raya Reaves chats with co-hosts El Brownell & Dave Koch Season 4 Episode 16
Power Adulting Podcast
#81 Supercharge Your Money by Forecasting the Future with Raya Reaves
Show Notes

We're super excited to talk about a valuable tool that few of us truly understand. Raya Reaves was a young adult who faced many challenges and was about to be evicted when she finally stopped looking at budgeting as something that would hold her back and started to see it or something that could get her out of a very bad situation.

That's when things changed dramatically for her and we hope you have the same transformation today.

Jeff Heggie offers an early review of our soon to be released new book… 

“El and Dave have created a much needed and powerful resource at a time in which it is needed more than ever.

Being a kid is hard. Being an adult is hard. Life is full of lessons.

My kids live in a very different world and have very different experiences than I had growing up. If all of my parenting and lessons I try to instill in my children are based on my own experiences, there will be a big disconnect. With The Graduate Project, El and Dave bridge that gap. This is an incredible resource designed to help you with the most important relationships in your life, thank you El and Dave.”

We appreciate those kind words, Jeff! Find us at @poweradulting for more info on the book.



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