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#79 Avoiding the Typical Assumptions of Marriage and Dating with Selina Almodovar

April 14, 2022 Selina Almodovar chats with co-hosts El Brownell & Dave Koch Season 4 Episode 15
Power Adulting Podcast
#79 Avoiding the Typical Assumptions of Marriage and Dating with Selina Almodovar
Show Notes

Today we’re ready to rock your world by smashing through the normal roadblocks most of us face. It’s about accepting yourself and learning to communicate your important needs, wants, as well as expectations within all your relationships.

Selina will help you discover the language for unconditional love that keeps the fire burning as you both continue to evolve. It is, indeed, a glorious thing to behold.

Listen in for tips on self-care, self-doubt, and self development.

Here is another note from Radhika who is a Family Lawyer, Transformation Coach & Meditation Teacher about our new book. 

She says… “El and Dave: 

 WOW. Is what word really comes to mind. This book is PACKED with unbelievably valuable content and insight.

I cant wait to get my own copy and read it all (with pen and highlighter in hand!). And I am just beyond honoured to be a tiny part of your powerful journey. I am so honoured to endorse your amazing book. This is truly something else.” “”

Thanks Radhika, we are so blessed by your words of encouragement. And you'll be able to find more info on The Graduate Project on FB and IG @poweradulting.



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