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#78 Self-Care for Limiting Beliefs with Denise Marie

April 07, 2022 Denise Marie chats with co-hosts El Brownell & Dave Koch Season 4 Episode 14
Power Adulting Podcast
#78 Self-Care for Limiting Beliefs with Denise Marie
Show Notes

We’re super pumped today to talk about health that starts in your head. These fears and limiting beliefs are a much neglected aspect of your overall wellness and Adulting success.

Denise Marie overcame some serious roadblocks and inner demons to take a huge risk and go back to school for a career change later in life. Scary as it was, you’ll quickly see the wealth of insights she gained from climbing out of her comfort zone.

Speaking of being a change-maker, here's a concise critique of The Graduate Project from Mike Pastor who is Owner and Coach of Fitness for Humans. 

Mike says, “As the parent of a recent graduate, this book is an excellent resource for the major transition period in a young adult's life.  A new playbook in our ever-evolving environment. Fantastic work El and Dave, this book will help parents and their grads maneuver with more confidence and fill in the cracks left behind by the traditional school system.”

Thank you so much, Mike! We look forward to helping your grad and for more deets on our soon to be released new book, you can find us at @poweradulting



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