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#77 More than an Overwhelmed Dreamer with El Brownell

March 31, 2022 El Brownell chats with co-host Dave Koch about their new book Season 4 Episode 13
Power Adulting Podcast
#77 More than an Overwhelmed Dreamer with El Brownell
Show Notes

We’re excited to talk with a special guest on this extra fifth week of March. She’s seen the tough transition from graduation into the wild ride of Adulting anxiety. El will share her struggles, stress, failures, fears, frustrations, and the solutions we are developing just for you.

This is a must listen if you're looking to rock this ‘real life’ Adulting journey!  

Leonard Szymczak offers a review of our soon to be released new book. He is a friend, mentor, psychotherapist and bestselling author of The Roadmap Home: Your GPS to Inner Peace and he’s the award-winning author of Bob Cratchit’s Christmas Carol and Kookaburra’s Last Laugh.

Leonard says, “As a therapist for over 40 years, I know how important it is to have a healthy mindset. The Graduate Project clearly gets it. And what better way to model parents helping young adult children than to have a father/daughter duo presenting tools for success. Dave and El’s amazing, easy-to-follow roadmap empowers individuals with passion to purposefully take charge of their life and make a difference in the world. Thank you for giving us The Graduate Project and changing lives.”

Enjoy this episode and you’ll also learn more about the launch of our new book.



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The Graduate Project: A Success Guide for Parents to Help New Adults Rock their ‘Real Life’ Journey.  By El Brownell & Dave Koch

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