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#76 Mindset is Like Money in the Bank with Jeff Heggie

March 24, 2022 Jeff Heggie chats with co-hosts El Brownell & Dave Koch Season 4 Episode 12
Power Adulting Podcast
#76 Mindset is Like Money in the Bank with Jeff Heggie
Show Notes

Mindset is probably more important than any of us can ever imagine! 

Jeff Heggie is a coach who works with business owners as well as elite athletes and mindset is a primary focus for helping his clients reach next level success. If you want to conquer those nasty negative thoughts and up your game then you better take a few minutes to listen to this enjoyable and informative podcast.

You'll learn about:

  • Fixed versus growth mindset. 
  • Finding what you need to succeed.
  • What life balance does and doesn't mean.
  • Developing a daily system for high achievement.

Besides that you will hear a heartfelt failure story that will bring tears to your eyes like you did for me.

Here's a book review on The Graduate Project from a life and business coach for rebels. Caterina has a delightful way of explaining how young people feel about Adulting. 

She says, "Growing up today is just different. Society is different. Technology fills our every waking moment and social media, in particular, is responsible for wreaking havoc on young minds. How can we expect our kids to feel confident and capable when they are being told every day, all day, that they aren’t enough? The answer is we learn to parent differently, throw out the idea that we’re done parenting at 18 or 20, and follow Dave and El’s formula for success. 

Dave and El have taken what my psychologist Mom and Dad barely grasped as parents and condensed it down into an easy-to-understand, doable 4-step plan tailor-made for the unique challenges young adults face today. Their book is filled with great life advice, must-know statistics, and a lot of love and stories from a very special father and his daughter. They welcome you into their family with open arms and teach you how to be a better human along the way." 



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