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#75 Courageously Changing an Unfulfilling Career with Caterina Snyder

March 17, 2022 Caterina Snyder chats with co-hosts El Brownell & Dave Koch Season 4 Episode 11
Power Adulting Podcast
#75 Courageously Changing an Unfulfilling Career with Caterina Snyder
Show Notes

Our guest is a rebel entrepreneur who is brash, controversial, polarizing, and in-your-face but we love her just that way! Caterina Snyder was ‘living the dream’ at the pinnacle of her career and she found herself burned out in a sea of meaninglessness. 

Today you'll learn about building a strong foundation of self, finding your magical genius, understanding where you fit in the world, and how to develop better intuition. Join us to increase your confidence, decrease self-doubt, and figure out what's holding you back.

Here's a family lawyer, transformation coach, and mother of 2 talking about The Graduate Project… 

She said, “Whether your family is celebrating the graduation of a pre-school, high school or university grad… every parent-child team needs this book. This beautiful father-daughter duo has created a masterpiece packed with unbelievably eye-opening information and deep insight that will benefit every family lucky to be touched by it. The content is so relevant to the times, that it powerfully bridges the generational gap, allowing every member of the family unit to feel empowered, seen and supported. Undoubtedly, as a mother myself, I will read and return to this one often. Bravo, El and Dave.”

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Website - https://go.caterinasnyder.com/ 

How To Slay Self-Doubt & Leverage Your Difference So You Can Make Money Doing What You Love    By Caterina Snyder


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