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#74 Radical Gratitude and Self-Compassion with Shari Foos

March 10, 2022 Shari Foos chats co-hosts El Brownell & Dave Koch Season 4 Episode 10
Power Adulting Podcast
#74 Radical Gratitude and Self-Compassion with Shari Foos
Show Notes

Like a rocket ship smashing through the earths gravitational pull and smoothly sailing into space… our guest today is gonna do the same for your relationships.

Shari Foos is a Marriage and Family Therapist in California who created The Narrative Method as part of the Human Connection movement. This unique nonprofit organization was founded to improve our growing societal isolation… and they do this through the sharing stories.

Listen in to learn about:

  • The rocket ship navigational system.
  • How to avoid our culture’s negative messages.
  • What we can do to upgrade the limiting beliefs we face.
  • And some awesome insights on what it takes to truly connect.

Enjoy the show and check out this early review of our exciting and valuable new book… One reader said,

"The Graduate Project is right on time! As the father of an inbound high school senior, this book works as a must read playbook for navigating the transition from childhood parent to young adult mentor. It also provides much valued insight on the challenges and concerns young adults are experiencing during this period.  Rock on El & Dave!”

We sure appreciate your perspective on The Graduate Project Kellz… Especially since your son is soon gonna be starting his own Adulting journey.

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