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#70 Turning Criticism into Connection with Dr. Jessica Higgins

February 10, 2022 Dr. Jessica Higgins chats with cohosts El Brownell & Dave Koch Season 4 Episode 6
Power Adulting Podcast
#70 Turning Criticism into Connection with Dr. Jessica Higgins
Show Notes

You better grab your notepad and pen because if you’re in a relationship—or soon plan to be—then you are definitely going to have some questions answered today.

Here's a few intriguing topics we discussed:

  • Can criticism ever be constructive?
  • What are safe boundaries for relational growth?
  • How do I build confidence in myself and my partner?
  • Do we react to relational threats different from physical ones?

If you're looking to create a legacy of loving and lasting intimacy in your relationship then we highly recommend you listen to this show with Dr. Jessica Higgins!

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